Friday, 15 June 2012

My Story mory

Assalamualaikum guys.. we meet again.  new semester come!!  I got new roommates, new lecturers, study comes burden as semester increase by semester, study ‘electrical engineering’  Which need a lot concentration, study most of the time, play less, have  to understand it unless you want to fail!

Ok, you got it what actually I want to say? It such a stressful for me to think of it. Stay far away from family, less accommodation, Dungun town not like Malacca town. Im feeling like alone at here.. missing mak and ayah, adik,abang n akaq.. rindu nak hang out ngan zura.. then, yesterday I go to the beach for release my sadness.  I call mak, ‘mak akim rindu mak.. nak balik Melaka, tapi xbkesempatan balik..’Terengganu is really far away. Takes 9hours to reach Malacca. Envy with those futher study near with home.. If I could study at Malacca.. IF!!  When I call mak, my happiness grows abruptly. But on the way back for college sad scenes still I can feel it! Ok, this night! Will call ayah! ^^

Night comes, call ayah pulak la.. need to be fair right?  I always fulfill what I’ve promised..  bila call ayah, (biasanya xde topik) so, I spit out about my study for this semester. I said ‘ayah,sem ni subjek akim susah.. T.T circuit2 lecturer ajar sikit2.. tunjuk jln keje, no notes!  Akim takut subjek sem nie.. blablabla….’ Then ayah answered, ayah talk a lot! Feels like tears will goes down. The most I remembered  ‘tu arr.mse cuti sem, bace novel, ayah suruh baca buku rujukan xnak bace.. (my face at that times like (-_-) ok..)’then ayah sambung..’xboleh macm ni, ko dah masuk u not a school students,you need to think as the way university students think, if your lecturer ,or cikgu or DR or prof teach u like that, then you have to approach her, you have to spit out what you don’t understand,  jangan leka.. blabla..’ at that time I just shut my mouth really tight at the same time crying (thinking that ayah xfaham aku! aku call sebab aku rindu fasal subjek tu saje je nak ngadu.. huhu amik ko kan dah kena ceramah free.. :’( )

Eyes turn swollen.. 0.0 muke xleh blah pas call ayah,tapi ati masih lagi xpuas ati.. call zura plak la… with her I talk a lot, I said to her what ayah said.  She said nothing. Yup! What ayah said is all true! But it hard for me to accept it.. susah nak cerna.. what she can do is to comforts me! Yeah.. this is what all girls do with their friend trying to comfort us when we feeling down..she makes me laugh.. hilang masalah kejap.. thanks zura ^_^ you are the one who always makes me feel better. Always trouble you right? I don’t care!! You need to be by my side forever! Hehe.. I’m too  selfish I know it..

Ayah, after the talk, I think a lot bout what you said to me..  and I just realize it why I always cry when talk with you on the phone. When I said I scared with that ,i couldn’t study.. you will give a free ceramah, you told me how to solve it, you teach me to recites doa, ask for Allah help.. yeah. I always do what you told me… but ayah actually I just want you to comforts me. I need you by my side. I’m missing the family.. that’s why I call you often..  Ayah, Akim will changes my mindset Inshaallah.. always do what you told me. But, I really want to ask this. Why you ask me to take this course. I’m  a girl this course is specially for a guy. You know I don’t like this! I never imagine will learn this meanwhile in school Akim never put interest in Physics subject. Never like engineer! I don’t think after this I will turns to be an engineer. Could you answer me?  (-.-)

Tapi Akim tahu deep inside in your heart, you want the best for me.. (hopefully family will visit me at bumi Terengganu nie.. tolonglah.. ^^  btw, ayah selamat hari bapa.. xpat kiss ayah tahun nie.. akim jauh..  akim bg flying kiss jelah.. akim sayang ayah taw. Take care your health..

Okay lets stop  about my yesterday story, actually I just want to tell you that, male n female, the way they thinking is really different.. like what happen to me.. my brother frequent ask me.. why perempuan is like that? She ask my opinion when I answered, she aren’t agree with me?  Then, if they don’t need my thought so don’t ask me la.. I will just smile when he complaint what he had going trough. And then kawan perempuan pun ada ask me about guy jugak. They don’t know how a man thinking.

I just got to know it.. ^^ lelaki, bila ada perempuan tell about their problem. Their mind will automatically reacts that you have to solve this. Cara laki berfikir, adalah penyelesaian. Tetapi perempuan perlu kan comforts. So, for a man who read this, if you have a girlfriend, you just need to listen to her don’t comment anything. You have to said something that will makes her lighten. You can say something like. “Be tough, I’ll be there for you. “  Don’t try to solve it yet they ask the solution from you. Then, you can take a relieves breath.

And for girl who finds for a comforts, you should find your same sex friends or perhaps your mother. Cuz, not all the man understand what you actually want when you told him. While, you find for a solution, then ask for a man help. Perhaps the one who closed with you. They would give really best opinion maybe.

Ok that’s all for now..tah pape la entry kali nie kan? Hehe suke ati aku la.. korang nak bace2 klu xnk, its ok for me.. :P ok arr nak g makan lunch! Lapau nie.. huhu tatai korang. Mam skali jom.. 


  1. hehehe... very nice... betul tu, pmikiran lelaki ngn pempuan sgt berbeza. Kita cadangkan awk jadi penulis jelah.. hehe. :-p kos awk ni mmg major dia lelaki, so awk kne compete ngn diorg. but at the end, u can choose to be a lecterur as ur carrier right? hehuhehuhe.. sbb kita ni jauh.. kita tak dpt nk bntu sgt.. mianhe. tapi kita nak awk tau, awk sntiasa mndpt sokongan dari jauh. arasso?? (mix language ye dlm komen ni :-D) go girl! (>_<)

  2. thanks awak..sorrysb always sushkan awak..
    awak pun.. kta kt sini slalu ade tok awk taw..huhu